What is Electric Transformer?

Electric transformers are used to transform voltage from a higher voltage to a lower voltage. Electric transformers can transform alternating current from one circuit into another through electromagnetic induction. This generally consists of ferromagnetic core and two or more coils called windings. It can either be a single-phase or a three-phase configuration. You have to remember certain specifications when searching for electrical transformers. These include: maximum secondary voltage rating, maximum secondary current rating, maximum power rating and output type. Output choices include AC or DC.

Cores can be constructed as either toroidal or laminated. Toroidal cores have numerous advantages like they provide low magnetic leakage, low noise, close flux path and smaller core size/weight and efficiency. A laminated core is made up of sheets of magnetic material insulated from one another by an oxide or varnish.  Laminated refers to the laminated steel cores. These steel laminations are insulated with a non conducting material such as varnish, and then formed into a core that reduces electrical losses. There are many types like autotransformer, control, current, distribution, general purpose, instrument, step-up and step-down. Mountings include chassis mount, dish or disk mount, enclosure or free standing, h frame and PCB mount.

The most important use of electric transformer is transferring electricity from power plants to homes and businesses. Electric transformer is usually of high voltage at the power plant. Voltage is little lowered when it reaches the substation. When it reaches a smaller transformer, voltage is reduced again. This is a continuous process, which repeats until the power is at a usable level. You have likely seen the type of electrical transformers that sit on top of electric poles. Most of the electrical transformers contain coils or windings that are wrapped around a core. The power travels through a coil. If there are more coils, voltage is much higher. If there are fewer coils, the voltage is low. 

The way electrical transformers work has changed. Transformers have made life easier you can transfer power in a timely, efficient and more economical manner. Many people do not have their houses near a power plant. But it has an added advantage for both homes and businesses because the power plant is nearby then can obtain dependable, affordable electricity. Electricity that is used in homes and business places pass through electrical transformers and reach the end users. There are different types of electrical transformer like site, Portable, Low voltage, Enclosed, Panel Mounted, Three phase, Small Clamped, Inspection Lamp units and custom Electrical transformers.
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