In December 2012 mankind will be in its greatest peril from our local sun.  At this time of the planetary alignments CMEs or coronal mass ejections from the sun will be aimed directly at the Earth and the shading effect of the planets will funnel the CMEs directly towards Earth.

Leading up to this time only massive solar flares will impact the Earth.  Solar flares are by far the largest explosions in our solar system equal to millions of 100 megaton bombs.  Typical solar flares release 10 to the 27th ergs per second.  Large solar flares can release 10 to the 32nd ergs per second and this energy.  But CMEs while be far larger and more massive than any solar flare can ever be. While a solar flare produces most of it's high-energy close to the sun a CME produces a shockwave that continuously sends out these particles. CMEs are much more massive and so much more likely to impact the Earth but they take 3 to 5 days to reach the Earth.

In 2012 early massive solar flares will probably severely damage satellites and totally blind Earth from viewing the sun with upper satellite images.  So ground observers will likely be our only advanced warning of any solar flares and coronal mass ejections in the middle of the crisis at the solar peak.  This could be a big disadvantage.

It is the CMEs that I like to call the Hand of God because they are so massive and far reaching.  But also for another reason.  CMEs might provide the hand that this world needs to end most all of its negative activities all at once.  Most pollution will end overnight as people loose electricity and the means to make large amounts of gasoline.  We will all need to become organic gardeners for food which will also be grown locally instead of trucked thousands of miles.  Animal husbandry and exploitation in factory farms will end as the grains for animals are needed to feed people to prevent starvation in the third world countries.

stellarflare People will be forced to become self-sufficient and neighborhood oriented.  Few people will be able to go to work far away.  The fiber optic internet will become the main means of communications.  Cell phones will vanish overnight as useless as well as most all TV and radio .  The world will go back to 1900s living conditions for a few years as we recover but we will never become so harmful and polluting to our environment ever again when we recover from this.

Global warming will be slowed dramatically and time to move cities from coastal regions will grow to tens of years as global warming will slow.    We will all of necessity become vegetarians and eat far healthier than before when meat in the western world was plentiful.

Most all livestock will be killed for food when the grains to feed them runs short.  And so a major sourced of methane pollution will end overnight.  Ocean fish populations will recover as fewer fishermen have fuel to fish and overfish the oceans for several years time.

Energy consumption by coal plants, nuclear, gas, and oil will end overnight and the air will ounce again be clean and clear of pollution.  People and children will get less lung cancers, asthma, and COPD.

Families and extended families and groups will be the norm as people come together to pool their resources and talents in learning how to survive in this new environment.

astroid-impact2 Most all internal combustion cars will end as a means of transportation at least for many years.  We will be living in great centralized cities where everyone walks to work, rides bikes, or electric cars.  We will grow most all foods locally in the cities or the surrounding lands nearby.  So the 50% of land for streets and highway in the major cities will end and become parks, bike paths, and growing areas for foods and man will ban the internal combustion engines from cities.

Long haul trucking will be cut in half overnight and the railroads used extensively for large load transportation of goods.  And bio-diesel and LP gas fuels will be widely used in all trucking.

Passive solar panels will be the major cheap heating source for mankind in all climates. And energy conservation will be forced on all of us to the most extreme degree as electricity will be lost for many months or years to come.
People will have time to read books, meditate, garden, and home school their children.  The internet and neighborhood schools will become the only school children ever know.  And so the best teachers tape their lectures and distribute them free to children to learn on the internet.

sun2_trace In 2012 the CME Hand of God will give mankind a second chance and it will give Mother Nature or Gaia  a breather from mankind's careless past abuses of Earth.

All of this is speculation of course.  But mankind might be able to prepare now to limit much of the damage of these CMEs in 2012.  All hardware in space will probably be lost but ground electronics might be saved by enclosing them permanently in aluminum sheeting or other metals to isolate them.  And individuals might wrap electronics in aluminum foil or the aluminum space blankets to prevent damage.  But again all this is speculation and little research is focused on this possible damage to Earth in 2012 by flares and CMEs.

Our scientists and governments need to take steps now to prevent widespread damage to electronic and electrical infrastructures in 2012 or before when the 24th solar maximum begins.  Most of these electrical substations upon which we rely on for electricity take many years to produce.  If all of them are knocked out by the sun's CME then it might take 20 year or more to replace them all.  An ounce of prevention might save the Earth from years of 19th century living when the electrical stations are severely damaged by CMEs. -- J.E. Ante

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