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DCS system for large thermal power plant

In the past 20 years, according to global economic development, especially in the economy of the process of rapid industrial growth, demand for the process industry, rapid growth. Instrumentation and automation for digital progressive, intelligent, network, integration and transition countries, the instruments on the ground, but in 4 ~ 20mADC classical instruments, standard HART instrument: content, counter fieldbus 05:04:01 amplifier, while the system is DCS, PLC IPC: SLP (including single controller, paperless recorder, digital instrumentation) 5:3:1.5:0.5 this stage of the process industry and indeed the middle of Great HART, FF, field equipment and plants with PA and apply the ratio of the higher DCS. This paper focuses on large thermal plant DCS, where the trend is still focused on developing automation systems and related technologies, and some ideas.
The development trend of automation of central
Battlefield last instrument standards engineering phase of the practice have been trained by the coexistence of multiple buses. FF Initiative Foundation Fieldbus Technology in the DCS system, and said: After certified the interoperability of DCS FF is the host. There are currently 11 companies in 20 main-control system senses that most countries DCS. This idea was tested in the works of the practice and the consensus at home and abroad have been in power projects with a capacity of fieldbus.
and information technology (IT) merger. In accordance with COTS (Commercial Off-the-shelf technology Commercial off the) principle, with Fast Ethernet (including TCP / IP, etc.) than the factory system, the backbone of the infrastructure.
Technology functional safety in the ongoing process of industrial automation projects is an integral part of a Safety Instrumented System (SIS) and industry process safety integrity level certification system (SIL) is taking shape. the integration of SIS and DCS or consistency of the trend has materialized.
EDDL Device Description Language technology and system integration and formed the basis for this equipment management system (AMS) is an integral part of basic automation system has, and extends the field of management include buildings, equipment, information platforms, intelligent system management equipment, machinery and management systems, equipment, systems performance testing. The current system of asset management in the world has more than 1,000 types of applications, business and management full life cycle asset management strategy project is emerging.
Integration of measurement and control technology, the integration of electronic control units in the staged implementation is united, has ERP / MES / PCS three-level structure of a consensus, based on the progressive realization of the resulting automation and seamless integration of information management company. Motor Control Center (MCC) and the business of electricity distribution and use of intelligence in the core module based on fieldbus technology and gradually with temperature, pressure integrated flow systems and other instruments signals.
The properties of thermal power plants with DCS
Large thermal plant DCS to remove the overall trend was not in the personality:
Requirements of the turbine, boiler and safety systems, such as complexity, fuel, water and bodies connected with the ashes, like the electric energy by the high demands of the times produced more leading to the plant DCS has a feedback loop control, flow control, hybrid control and other complex control functions, led to the requirements of the various implementing agencies of the processing power and control fully advanced feature complex (APC).
Since the sequence of events in the records as a plaintiff and FSSS can be combined to the multi-system, SOE with a time stamp of digital input devices and related functions will be available to complete.
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