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High-voltage electronics market and technology trends

The market for power electronics is booming in all voltage ranges!
More importantly, the power supply for applications markets> 1.7kV, such as wind turbines, transmission and distribution (T & D) railway traction and propulsion, and the ship complies with companies with high added value.
It is certain that your total market size 2010 405.000.000 $ (including power supplies and power modules) is expected to be small compared to markets with less tension but still very dynamic and offers the possibility of high margins.
This market is mainly motivated by considerations of energy conservation and the development of environmentally friendly technologies. They are supported - for example, T + D of electricity - from governments and large companies are working to improve its technology.
Since these IGBTs have thyristors (GTO and IGCT) and the diodes access to more and more technical improvements, such as the transition to 8 platforms oblea''y use of silicon carbide (SiC), among others.
But the long-term contracts for the production of small series and problems with raised blood components based on silicon carbide induce competition among the players fairly easily established markets.
Market parameters
Overall market for high-power devices and components (including IGBTs, thyristors and diodes) was 390 million € in 2009 and is expected to accelerate to more than $ 570,000,000 in 2015.
Traction to over 65% of this value for the high level of production that is driving the number of units per locomotive help.
T & D Power benefit from greater CAGR 2010-2015: 11.1%. In fact, we do expect a lot of work for the transport HDVC, and ABB offer a significant contribution to the architecture of HVDC Light IGBT.
Wind turbines have suffered from the crisis of 2009 and growth should be stronger the second from 2010 to 2015 CAGR of over 9%.
Finally, markets and ships were unevenly affected in 2009. Military ships continue to grow - a relatively long time of production of ships - all tourist yacht for private use is purchased declined dramatically. Accordingly, estimates IGBT module, the global market for ships and boats continue in 2013, reaching $ 26,000,000 in 2015.
Special Report
Power electronics are a daily challenge in many systems today (PV inverters, electric vehicles and hybrid electric, cameras, appliances, ...) from a market perspective, but also the development of technologies.
Many companies are growing R & D difficult to provide the most cost-effective, efficient and reliable materials, devices and systems. And the more "hidden" applications, such as benefit-1.7kV segment of the efforts described in this report.
The four segments were examined in this report:
- Converters for wind turbines
Power T & D -
- Rail Traction
- Ships and boats.
Due to the different scenarios, low interest in the development of marketing efforts and the level of the evolution of market revenue, automation and industrial UPS markets have described.
With a thorough knowledge of these markets Yole Development application provides a detailed analysis of each one:
- The technical developments leading
- The architecture of the inverter units
- Market data at a macro-level market: wind turbines installed base, ship and rail transportation and the number of existing electrical systems to T + D
- Market detection devices and energy modules, IGBTs, thyristors and diodes
- An estimate of the market for silicon wafers and silicon carbide penetration
- Thorough knowledge of the value chains
- Market shares of major companies
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