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Semiconductor technology - assumptions of the products

Semiconductors do not work without the presence of electrical conductivity. The process is conducted in conjunction with the Director of the insulation. This is perhaps the most important point of all the principles relating to the technology of semiconductors. But behind this essential point, it is important to consider other scenarios. It now depends on the type of semiconductor used by the company.

Semiconductors are very important in the technological advances, particularly in the mobile phone, computer, television and radio. Manufacture of the transistor is also a company's operating property. To learn more about the technology of semiconductors, it is interesting to look at his four classes instead.

Intrinsic Semiconductor

intrinsic semiconductor is defined as the purest among a list of semiconductors. There are materials in the thermal part, which allows the degradation of covalent bonds, while the electrons are released. This critical aspect of the technology expands the intrinsic semiconductor their work, supported by a solid mass to levels of electrical conductivity. As covalent bonds lose their electrons, the electrical performance of semiconductors is very anxious.

extrinsic semiconductor

In addition to the intrinsic semiconductor is extrinsic semiconductor. Unlike the technology of semiconductor particles depends on intrinsic version of semiconductors doped extrinsic or additional hardware. In this context it is also known as doped semiconductors. additional particles play a crucial role in changing the properties of the electrical conductivity.

Take a look at this example of extrinsic semiconductors. Silicon, the most common semiconductor, can produce a gadget. Each silicon atom shares of the four types of valence electrons in covalent bonds. When the silicon is replaced by five phosphorus valence electrons, four electrons can be introduced covalently, while the rest is free.

Semiconductor technology - assumptions of the products

Classification of extrinsic semiconductor - N-type and P-type

Insert the four types of semiconductors are two subcategories of extrinsic semiconductors. These beings are like the N-type semiconductor and p-type N-type is considered composed of electrons and holes. The first acts as majority carriers, while the latter serves as minority carriers. This means that the concentrations of electrons over holes.

As for P-type semiconductor, which plays an opposite role of N-type. This happens after a technology of semiconductors, where the holes are majority carriers such as electrons as minority carriers play. There are situations in which the PN junction is formed, however. This is an example that in a N-type semiconductor can on the one hand, the production of a component occurs, while the P-type from the other side.

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