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Performance Parameters of Inverters

Harmonic factor of nth harmonic, HFn
It is a measure of individual harmonic contribution. HFn versus the control parameter gives the harmonic profile of the inverter. Small HFn value is desired.
H{F_n} = \frac{{{V_{on}}}}{{{V_{o1}}}}for{\rm{ }}n > 1
Total harmonic distortion, THD
It is a measure of closeness in shape between a waveform and its fundamental component (sinusoidal waveform). THD = 0 means sinusoidal wave.
THD = \frac{1}{{{V_{o1}}}}\sqrt {\sum\limits_{n = 2,3,...}^\infty  {V_{on}^2} }
Distortion Factor, DF
DF indicates the amount of HD that remains in a particular waveform after the harmonics of that waveform have been subjected to the second order attenuation (i.e. divided by n2)
DF = \frac{1}{{{V_{o1}}}}\sqrt {{{\sum\limits_{n = 2,3,...}^\infty  {\left( {\frac{{{V_{on}}}}{{{n^2}}}} \right)} }^2}}
DF of nth harmonic component, DFn
D{F_n} = \frac{{{V_{on}}}}{{{V_{o1}}{n^2}}}for{\rm{ }}n > 1
Lowest-order harmonic LOH
LOH is that harmonic component whose frequency is closest to the fundamental one. Its amplitude is normally > 3% of the fundamental component. High LOH is desired.
LOH \ge 3\%  \times {V_{o1}}
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