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DC-DC converters with electrical isolation

Transformer core characteristic:

Two basic categories of DC-DC converters with electrical isolation, based on the way of utilization of the transformer core:
  1. Unidirectional core excitation: only the positive part (quadrant I) of the B-H loop is used.
  2. Bidirectional core excitation: both the positive (quadrant I) and the negative (quadrant III) parts of the B-H loop are used alternatively.

Hence, DC-DC converters that constitute a switching DC power supply can be:
 Transformer core characteristic
Unidirectional Core excitation DC-DC converters
Flyback converter (derived from buck-boost converter)
Forward converter (derived from buck converter)
Bidirectional Core excitation DC-DC converters
Push-pull converter (derived from buck converter)
Half-bridge converter (derived from buck converter)
Full-bridge converter (derived from buck converter)
Control of DC-DC converters with isolation
  1. Flyback and forward converters
  2. Push-pull, half-bridge and full-bridge DC-DC converters
  3. Resonant DC-DC converters
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