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  1. Regulated DC power supplies are needed for most analog and digital electronics systems.
  2. Switching devices can be used to process energy from the input to the output.
  3. A chopper can be considered as DC equivalent to an AC transformer with a continuously variable turns ratio. Like a transformer, it can be used to step-down or Step-up a DC voltage source
  4. Other applications include, Motor control in automobiles, Trolley cars, Marine hoists, Forklift trucks, etc.
  5. Switch-mode dc-to-dc converters are used to convert unregulated dc input into a controlled dc output at a desired voltage level.
  6. dc-dc converter system:

power electronic converter: Switch-mode Power Supply
Switch-mode Power Supply
power electronic converter: Switch-mode Power Supply
Applications: regulated switch-mode dc power supplies (often used with a HF electrical isolation transformer) and dc motor drives (often without an isolation transformer) for speed change (direction change also can be done)
Basic topologies of DC-DC Converters:
  1. Buck regulators: step-down only.
  2. Boost regulators: Step-up only.
  3. Buck-Boost regulators: both
  4. Cuk regulators: both
  5. Full-bridge regulators
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